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Masons, Plumbers & Electricians: We now offer Custom, Variable Height Smart-Sleeves, available for pick up in Dania, FL or delivery to Customer Locations Nationwide.

Our family-owned business was created in the late 1990’s with the goal of helping our customers achieve higher profits with safe, effective and SMART systems.  After developing a unique, patented solution for high-lift grout using “Smart Tbolt/Nut/Window” clean-out covers, we grew our product line to include one-of-a-kind, Variable Height “Smart-Sleeves”.  Masons, Plumbers and Electricians love our distinctive “safety yellow” products that are recognizable on any job-site.  Contact us to place an order, find a distributor near you, or request free samples shipped directly to your location.


Years In Business

10 Million

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Sleeve & Size Combinations

The Smart Masonry Clean-Out System

is a revolutionary system used to form Clean-Out Covers for High Lift grouting. It consists of a "T-Bolt," a re-usable "Nut" and a re-usable transparent "Window." The "T-Bolt" and "Nut" are made from hard ABS plastic. The transparent "Window" clean-out cover is made of poly carbonate, an extremely durable material commonly used in jet fighter canopies. While the "Nut" and Window" are re-usable, the exposed portion of the "T-Bolt" easily breaks off after removal of the "Nut" and "WIndow" to provide a fast, clean, professional and economical means of forming reinforced masonry clean-out covers.

What Is High Lift Grouting?

High Lift and Low Lift grouting are terms used in building codes to define the method of placing grout in reinforced masonry walls. Codes allow the contractor to choose either method unless the structural engineer requires one or the other. Low Lift grouting may or may not require the use of inspection or clean-out openings. High Lift grouting will require inspection openings spaced no more than 32 inches apart or at each rebar location.

Smart Tbolt Nuts & Windows


smart masonry systems 

smart masonry systems 

smart masonry systems 

smart masonry systems 

smart masonry systems 


With over 100 size combinations available, Smart-Sleeves are tapered hole forms for concrete slabs and walls.  Masons, Plumbers & Electricians form round, smooth holes through concrete slabs or walls to receive floor to floor rebar, conduit & pipes.  Made-to-order sizes available in 3”, 4” and 6” Diameter with Variable Height Options.  New, high-volume, multi-cavity molds help to reduce manufacturing costs and improve turn-around times.  New “Safety Yellow” color improves safety, visibility and overall functionality on every job-site.  Tapered & Terraced Design – Terraced at one-inch increments allowing for easier removal than traditional sleeves.  Non-Stick Additive – Reduces concrete adhesion.  Molded with high density materials and proprietary non-stick additives.  Shipping: 14 boxes per pallet.  3″ x 8″ Sleeves (100/box) = 23 lbs, 4″ x 8″ Sleeves (60/box) = 23 lbs, 6″ x 8″ Sleeves (35/box) = 24 lbs.

"We have switched to the Smart Masonry Clean-Out System because it's less expensive, faster and safer than plywood and nails. We no longer worry about unfilled cells, blow-outs or punch-out with the new system."

Gary JonesPresident Coastal Masonry (Florida)

"Our masonry contractors in California and Arizona rely on the Smart Masonry clean out system for their high lift grouting applications."

Paul IglesiasPure Masonry Products (California)

“Our customers love the ease of use and quality of Smart Masonry’s products. They’ve been a great addition to our line.”

Jason DavisAdvance Shoring – Specialties (Minnesota)

“We trust Smart Masonry Systems to deliver construction materials that fulfill or surpass industry standards. After over 10 years of business, they always deliver expeditiously without compromising quality. The staff is always willing to assist with any questions or urgent orders. We look for many more years of a great relationship and recommend them to anyone in the construction industry.”

MJ Montalvan, Project Manager/EstimatorCentral Broward Construction (Florida)

“Our customers really enjoy your products. There is nothing like it in the market and it saves our masons time and money with the quick installation.”

Evan MilliganRio Grande Co. (Colorado)

“We have been doing business with Smart Masonry for many years. Their care and service has been exceptional. We have never had any issues with the products or service. I would recommend them to anyone and hope to have many more years doing business with them.”

Art CondieSunRoc (Utah)






Contact us to place an order, find a distributor near you, or request free samples shipped directly to your location.

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