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"We have switched to the Smart Masonry Clean-Out System because it's less expensive, faster and safer than plywood and nails. We no longer worry about unfilled cells, blow-outs or punch-out with the new system."

Gary Jones, President
Coastal Masonry

(One of the largest masonry companies
in the southeastern United States)

"Our foremen employ the high lift grout method and use the Smart Masonry Clean-Out System whenever possible. Low lift grouting is like paying a crew for 8 hours work and getting 6 hours production."

Joe Canatano, Vice President
Pompano Masonry Corporation

(Top 10 rated masonry company
in the United States by ENR)

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Please note:

Mr. Jensen retired from Coastal Masonry in 2010 but remains President of Smart Masonry Systems LLC, manufacturer of high lift grout Inspection Block Retainers and Smart Sleeves used to form 3"x8" and 4"x8" tapered holes in post tension slabs.

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Manufactured by Smart Masonry Systems LLC

Patented by Randy Jensen (No. 5269114)

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